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Back to Work

Natural Confidence

Earth tones are the nature of today's latest trends. Get busy creating modern ensembles that breathe effortless elegance!

Jacquard stripe sweater for women at Contemporaine

An Exclusive Simons Collection

Designed for businessmen on the move, it combines elegance and efficiency via innovative, easy-care materials that adapt to your movements and allow you to look flawless while in transit.

Perfect for your back to work.

Creative Space

This fall, home decor is a blank canvas just waiting to be brought to life with our warm, inviting pieces.

What's the best thing about back to school?

A) The excitement on campus
B) Your (multiple) breaks at the student café
C) Your BEAUTIFUL new backpack
D) Your new notebooks and matching pencils
E) All of the above

Vintage-inspired visuals and studied silhouettes: dive into Glenn Martens' new collections where streetwear meets haute couture.

Klein Blue

It's Yves Klein, avant-garde artist of the '50s and '60s, that we can thank for this signature hue that's sweeping through the trends.

New Wave

As an accent or from head to toe, make a splash with fall’s featured hue.

Against The Flow

The choice is yours: an utterly chic suit or a well-put-together casual ensemble?

Blue Klein double-breasted techno crepe jacket for women
Blue Klein double-breasted techno crepe jacket for women
Klein blue jacket for men

On the blog

Fashion's biggest designers have also got a hankering for this hue

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