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Ottawa, and Mississauga
are temporarily closed.

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Eco-Savvy Knits with a Soft Side

Our lightweight knits deliver durability, functionality, and style while also caring for our planet.

Praise Paisley!

In patchwork designs, this high-contrast black and white bandana print is plastering itself onto eco-friendly viscose.

Accent-bow gaucho jumpsuit at Simons

The Statement Shirt

This season, fluid shirts in eco-friendly weaves are making waves thanks to their head-turning prints and patterns.

Refreshing Breeze

Your favourite looks this season are ready to soak up some sun and made of fibres that respect the environment, like LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose and organic cotton.

Thin-strap jersey jumpsuit by Icône

The Shacket

As a trending element this season, this style is a versatile hybrid that you can wear and layer however you want!

Cut in organic cotton and punched up with flap pockets, it's got a functional flair you never knew you needed.

Hopsack Jacket

Its unstructured flair and lightweight comfort make it the king of summer. Linen meets organic cotton in a rich weft that's eco-friendly at heart.

Organic cotton and linen Hopsack jacket by Le 31 at Simons

One Fibre at a Time

Organic linen, TENCEL™ Lyocell, recycled cotton... There are as many materials as there are environmental and social benefits to discover in our vast and sustainable Vision assortment.


Is this the real life, or is it fantasy? The answer is: both! Create an exhilarating decor that lets you escape from reality with an eclectic mishmash of artisanal accents, natural materials, and retro influences.

A World For Your Little Ones

Careful craftsmanship, timeless sustainability, and simplicity are teaming up in a range of adaptive clothes and playful objects that are as cute as they are eco-friendly.

World-Famous Denim


Thanks to their recycled water,
clean dyes and natural finishes, as well
as eco-friendly fibres, DL1961 is reinventing denim for a better tomorrow.

Bleached blue Hepburn wide-leg jean for women by DL1961 at Simons

Quiet Luxury

Minimalist lines that make a statement. Subtle colours that set the right tone. Sophisticated materials that were made with expert hands. A luxurious alliance is in the works this season, and an elegant tranquility is coming with it...

Quiet luxury : our selection of minimalist designer pieces for women and men at Simons

New Sizes Available


Find new brands as well as labels you already love in our latest arrival of plus-sized underwear and loungewear.

Refreshing & Revitalizing

Spring is in full swing: your favourites made of cotton, modal, and bamboo rayon are showing off in bright colours!

Le 31 colourful bamboo rayon trunk for men at Simons

Today's Heavy Hitters

Under Armour

Start sporting the gear by this famous American label, which has become a synonym for athletic success and pushing yourself to the limit.


Treat your routine as a stepping stone to accomplishing great things with fun and revitalizing care products.

It was during the dreariest months of winter, while we were holding our breaths for better weather, that the idea for our spring campaign first came to life. Over the weeks, it simmered in our minds and grew in our hearts before slowly starting to take shape. Despite today's unstable situation, despite the measures that are sometimes (often) difficult to accept, despite the unknown that still clouds our future, we have decided to bring a bit of hope to our fashion season. Yes, we're opting to be optimistic!

It has rarely been more difficult to know what tomorrow will bring and we know that the everyday is far from easy. We remain very sensitive to what you are going through, dear community. Like you, we're experiencing a flood of emotions. While we may feel powerless faced with this exceptional situation, there's one thing that we can do to brighten this bleak period as much as possible: send some hope in your direction!

Over the past months, the word freedom has taken on a new meaning for each of us. While its boundaries have been somewhat redrawn, some of its other aspects remain unchanged: the freedom to grow, think, laugh, cry, thrive, take flight, and dream big!

Now more than ever, we want to be bold and have fun with fashion! Bursting with bright colours and fresh patterns, each piece and every outfit has been chosen for its ability to spark joy, as well as for its eco-friendly values. We've handpicked the latest trends to create the most bountiful bouquet imaginable—we're bringing back tie-dye, waxing nostalgic with patchwork bandana prints, cultivating our love of earth tones, diving deep into eco-friendly denim, and flaunting the prettiest floral patterns.


“In this year of major transformation, this wise old saying seems truer than ever: ‘To be in the now is to be alive.' So much is changing so fast and while resetting ourselves to meet the future is exciting, it also forces us to face things we've avoided and to hopefully find compassion for ourselves and others.”
Caia, with her daughter, Nova

Le 31 exclusive

Short-sleeve sweatshirt



“We don't know what people are going through. You need patience, you need understanding, and you need empathy—towards yourself even! Be gentle and never assume.”
Sasha, with her boyfriend, Arthur

Icône exclusive

Thin-strap jersey jumpsuit

Le 31 exclusive

Utility hoodie



“We want to see and be with our friends, to be able to touch them; we want to be able to wrap our arms around our family members. It's by working together that we'll get through this, that we'll be able to pull through this situation.”
Pier-Gabriel, with Toudi

Discover all our models' words to live by for 2021!


Enjoy fresh, clean, and delicious water at all times with the eco-friendly OVOPUR dispenser, an innovative Canadian design that's elegant, efficient, and mimics the natural underground filtration cycle.

OVOPUR Lille water dispenser at Simons

Periwinkle Blue

With its refreshing, flower-inspired hue, our overcoat promises to bring a pinch of newness to all your casual looks.

Blue tailored-collar three-button overcoat for women at Simons

A menswear guide full
of practical solutions
adapted to your everyday.

Home Office

Much more than your work corner, it's a creative
and inspirational space that combines comfort, ergonomics, style, and personality.

Shift 2.0 White Base Sit-Stand Desk By Ergonofis Online Only at Simons Maison

Out of Sight,
Not out of Mind

Surprise your loved ones from a distance.

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