Adventure Awaits

Famous for its colour blocks, thermal fabrics, and its Half Dome logo, this outerwear pioneer is back with a whole lot of things up its sleeve for fall.

The outdooring and winter sports kits by The North Face at Simons

This season's sidekicks: Performance coats, roomy puffers, and cozy knits for all your sub-zero needs.

Studied Simplicity

Live life at a leisurely pace. In the inner sanctum of your home, take the time to relax and enjoy peace of mind in a decor focused on serenity.

Cooking with Wood

Devoted foodie, nature lover, and master cabinetmaker Stéphane Dumont measures, sculpts, and experiments with wood to create ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing kitchenware.

Erudy book stand by Arbol under Fabrique 1840 at Simons Maison


This fall, fashion and its artistic trends are clashing in the best way possible!

Twik pays tribute to creativity with its Renaissance collection, a meeting between the freedom provided by art and parodies of artwork from the past.

With humour, Renaissance shows artistic expression to be an accessible world where anything is possible.

When you buy one of these items, $8 will be donated to mental health service organizations that offer art therapy: Les Impatients in Montreal and Full Circle in Toronto.

The tapisserie skirt and the Sappho inspired t-shirt at Simons
Girl with bubble gum sweatshirt dress at Simons
Girl with bubble gum chez Simons

A number of organizations open up to us about their values and missions.

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