Force of Nature

The natural world never ceases to wow us with its almost supernatural power. In the bathroom, it's captivating senses on every front.

Black and white wild nature shower curtain at Simons Maison

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Bath Caddy

Your most leisurely moments will be spent alongside this sleek and ergonomically designed item.

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Bamboo Bath Caddy at Simons Maison
Embroidered Yoga Poses Namaste towels at Simons Maison

Namaste Towels

Treat yourself to some valuable "me" time with these beautifully embroidered items.

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For Annie-Claude, the best memories are made in the company of cozy materials, bright moments, and the sweetest gourmet treats.

Fig, Bamboo and Violets Candle by Dimanche Matin Under Fabrique 1840 at Simons Maison

Dimanche Matin

Montreal, Quebec