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Duvet Covers

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Warmth and style with our duvet covers and comforters

After a long day at the office, or a busy day out, it's a wonderful feeling to come home and doze off surrounded by plush, soft bedding. But it's not just about comfort alone: duvet covers and comforters become the centerpiece of your bedroom's decor, so you want to choose pieces that complement your theme and express your creativity. Highlight the aesthetics of your bedroom's design by shopping the handpicked assortment of high-quality comforters and duvet covers at Simons. Mix and match with simple colours or patterned print to transform your sleeping space into something that's just as stylish as it is cozy. 

Patterns, themes, and so many choices

When you're designing the theme of your room, it's essential to find the perfect bedding to finish off your ideal look. You may want to pair your minimalist décor with a vibrant, colourful duvet cover to create a feature piece that brightens up your room. For a more classic look, consider solid tone-on-tone patterns, or create a modern, urban appeal with a striped duvet cover or comforter. You can also find themed duvet covers in our kids' collection to match your children's rooms—think geometric, illustrated, or graphic patterns in a variety of punchy, pastel, and neutral colours. 

What to look for in a duvet cover

There are many things to consider when you're searching for bedding that is not only stylish but also comfortable, durable, and helps you get a peaceful night's sleep. In other words, fabric is key. Bear in mind that good quality materials are often the softest, most comfortable, and even easiest to maintain—after all, most of our pieces are made from percale or cotton-polyester blend, which is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. Above all, find a duvet cover or comforter that suits your target comfort level, the time of year, and features design elements that fit your décor and suit your personality.