All-Purpose Elegance

Designed to be versatile and comfy, today's new wardrobe is perfectly suited for our reinvented everyday and everything that comes along with it.

Fashion Fusion

Different worlds are colliding to create an all-new dress code. We're mixing formal pieces with casual styles and not holding anything back.

Second Yoga Jeans

Medium-indigo Rachel skinny jean

Contemporaine exclusive

Metallic-button double-breasted blazer


Marta convertible bag


Stretch Materials

A rendez-vous between freedom of movement and polished appeal.

Stretchy weaves are incorporating themselves into your professional looks, delivering comfort and style.

Contemporaine Exclusive

Ribbed loose sweater tank


Go Big with Burgundy

Fashion's richest shades of red are dominating today's palette. We're coordinating them simply as a monochrome or with sophisticated blue hues, like navy.

Contemporaine exclusive

Patterned-front tie T-shirt

Contemporaine exclusive

Slim boyfriend jean

Contemporaine exclusive

Two-tier blouse


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