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Curtains at Simons

Curtains aren't simply functional: they're an aesthetic feature, an expression of your creativity, and a cornerstone of your home decor. In fact, they have the potential to transform a room. That places extra importance on your choice of curtain, because you're not just blocking out light—you're completing your interior theme! With Simons, you'll find a hand-picked assortment of high-quality curtains that range from voile to blackout, and solid to pattern. Check out our selection and learn how to pick out pieces that not only suit your home but also fit your sense of style.

Voile, blackout, or something in-between?

Colour may be your first consideration when curtain shopping, but your choice of material is equally important. Why? Because material determines how the curtains hang, how much maintenance will be required, and, most importantly, how much light is allowed through. Sheer or voile curtains, for instance, are made of translucent materials that create soft, semi-private lighting conditions. Blackout drapery, on the other hand, is usually a good choice for bedrooms, media rooms, and other areas where darkness is desirable. It can even reduce energy costs by helping to block heat loss in the winter and intense sun—especially in west-facing rooms—in the summer.

Measure twice, buy once

Curtains are not designed to fit all window shapes, so it's important to know your desired dimensions before you buy. Measure from the height of the curtain rod, not the window, and consider if you want your curtains to end flush with the floor (modern) or puddle on the floor slightly (traditional). You can also install your curtain rod higher than the window to give an extra sense of height. In terms of width, you need extra inches to ensure full coverage when the curtains are drawn—but not too many extra inches or the window may be partially blocked even when the curtains are open.