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Carpets fit for all room décor

Getting tired of people tracking dirt in the house? Contemplating how you can revamp your living room's decor without paying a hefty price tag? Then it might be time to invest in a high-quality carpet for a much-needed change. Whether you want to accent your bedroom, protect your hardwood, or add a splash of colour in the hallway, the right floor covering can bring style and sophistication to any living area. Mats, doormats, throw rugs—they're all in our selection, which has been handpicked to help you express your style from the ground up.  

Designs that speak to your fashion sense

With so many varieties and styles to choose from, it's important to make a considered decision when it comes to carpets, rugs, and mats. Primarily, remember to find a carpet that accentuates your room's style. For example, if your bedroom gives off a vintage vibe, try a kilim weave rug with geometric patterns—which would also be the perfect pick to highlight a boho-chic décor. In a room with hard floors and an abundance of hard angles, add a touch of comfort with a plush decorative floor rug. And for your entranceway, try a doormat with a striking design or cute message to show your guests you're happy to have them.  

Dimensions matter

For an open-concept living space, consider a rug that's large enough for any furniture group that's not against a wall. For furniture groupings against one wall, consider a floor covering large enough for just the front legs of your seating. For smaller living spaces, only cover the negative space left by your furniture grouping (so larger than your coffee table, reaching almost to the legs of your seats). The dining room is easier—make sure the table and all chairs fit on the rug with room to spare—and for the bedroom you can go full size, bottom two-thirds of the bed only, or a runner on each side.