Vintage Night

The invitations have been sent out!

At your disposal: all the fixings for an unforgettable evening spent in a home decorated to perfection with a little of our own je ne sais quoi.

For a Rustic Flair

Opt for wooden crates made special in Montreal to 1) give your decor a touch of ruggedness and 2) put your finest bottles on display the way they were meant to be.

Caisserie McNeil

Antique pine beer crate

Made in Montreal
Caisserie McNeil

Antique pine wine crate

Made in Montreal

For a Sensorial Experience

Have you got a night of mixology planned? Fill up on artisanal syrups and hand-forged utensils made by a local artisan for flavours that are true to the area.

Split Tree Cocktail Co.

Cocktail syrups with tonic

Handmade in Ottawa
Thomas Lefebvre

Cocktail spoon

Handmade in Quebec

Your Hosting Must-Haves