Destination: Celebration

Festive Feasts

Add a dash of holiday magic to your family dinners with our fabulous tablecloths and table accessories.

Festive decorations for the dining table at Simons


Comfort For Days

When the weather outside is frightful, all anyone really wants to do is stay cozy beneath the covers. Get your bedroom ready for the cold spell with our marvelously soft and comfy flannel bedding.

Light hearts flannel sheet by Simons Maison


Giftable Decor

Help turn their house into a home with these cozy, warm, and easy-to-look-at presents.

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Giftable Decor

Tons of decor ideas to gift others (or yourself) in order to create a cool and cozy home.

Snowy Check Cushion at Simons Maison

Canadian Gifts
For Your Hosts

Say "thank you" to the people who have you over with unique creations made by designers from here.

Destination: Celebration

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