Whimsical Worlds

Breathe life into your little one's decor with flowers or cute little critters! How? With our unique and easy-to-use wallpapers.

Outlined flowers wall stickers by Simons Maison

For Creative Minds

Welcome friendly creatures and playful patterns into their world.

For Playful Spirits

Surprise them with some cozy pals to keep them company.

For Apprentice Cooks

Spruce up their time at the table with colourful tales and adventures.

For Water Lovers

Make bathtime something to look forward to with cute, friendly creatures.

For Little Dreamers

Sweep them off to a soft and cozy place where dreams really can come true...

Children's tent by Simons Maison
Multi-coloured stackable tower by Minika
Unicorn world accessories by Danica
Sweet bunny bath cape by Simons Maison
Luminous galaxy comforter set by Simons Maison

Veille sur toi

Laval, Quebec

A soothing light, a sublimely soft plush toy... treat your sweetie pies to cozy, comforting downtime.

Des enfantillages

Montreal, Quebec

Designed to help develop the imaginations of little builders, these creative boxes have everything children need to create fun, unique, and useful objects with their own two hands.

DIY kit from Des enfantillages at Fabrique 1840 by Simons