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Tablecloths for any setting

Whether you're enjoying a barbecue with friends on the patio or relishing a fine meal with family in your dining room, a tablecloth is the perfect finishing touch for any mealtime setting. Simons' extensive collection of stylish tablecloths is ideal for formal or casual meals, and indoor or outdoor get-togethers. Made from quality fabrics and showcasing a variety of stylish, fun, classic, and elegant designs, it's easy to pick out the style that matches your décor—and your occasion. Purchase your new cover, make a positive impression on your guests, and raise your dining area's appeal to a new level. 

Top-notch designs to pair with your table

Tablecloths provide a great opportunity to highlight the theme of your room or surroundings. If you want to give your rustic patio furniture a funky twist, a tablecloth featuring fruit patterns or travel-inspired prints might just be the perfect addition. Want to go classic with a 1950s inspired design instead? Opt for a checked tablecloth made from cotton weave that will look spectacular at the breakfast table. Less is more for a formal event, so pick out a solid colour tablecloth to match your room's colour palette and serve as your feast's canvas. 

How to choose the right tablecloth

Make sure to consider the size and width of your table before investing in a tablecloth or table protector. Whether you're sitting four people or 12, our collection includes a wide range of shapes and sizes, ranging from 48"x66" oblong to 90" round and 85x110" rectangular. Simply take all your table's measurements according to its shape and pick out a covering that not only matches the format but also leaves enough room to spare. We recommend adding 12 inches for a smaller table cloth and 20 inches for a bigger one.