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Men's watches at Simons

In an era where people increasingly use their phones to tell time, it's easy to see why wristwatches are still a classic accessory for the style-conscious man. After all, in the words of James Bond author Ian Fleming, a gentleman's choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his suit. Whether you want to make a subtle style statement or stand out with an eye-catching oversized timepiece, it's easy to express yourself, complete your look, and keep perfect track of time with our carefully curated collection of men's watches. 

Which type of timepiece suits you best?

Most wristwatches are adjustable, but that doesn't mean one size fits all styles, outfits, or occasions. In fact, there is a multitude of watch types to consider. The simple sophistication of a leather-band dress watch is a must for formal occasions; field watches are all about functionality and rugged design for everyday use; chronograph and aviator watches offer additional features—and timeless timekeeping style—for cultured professionals and discerning gentlemen. Of course, they all serve the basic purpose of telling time, but there's so much more to choosing a timepiece than that. Think about the style statement you want to make and dive into our selection.

Finding a piece that fits your wrist

It's not always easy to tell how well a watch will fit until you actually try it on. Fortunately, there are ways to anticipate how a timepiece is going to look on your wrist before you buy. If the circumference of your wrist is 6 to 7 inches, go with a watch that has a case diameter of 38-42 mm. If your wrist is 7 inches or larger in circumference, you should probably look at watches with cases that are 44-46 mm wide. Proportions matter and are something to keep in mind when picking your timepiece.