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Men's raincoats and windbreakers

It can be challenging to dress for North American weather. A change in conditions is never far away, and even the brightest summer afternoon can turn into a downpour with little warning. When that happens, it pays to be prepared. But how do you know you're ready to face four seasons in one day? You highlight your seasonal ensemble with a raincoat or windbreaker. These weatherproof designs are the quintessential rainwear: light enough for warm days, water-resistant, easy to sling over your shoulder when not needed—and classically styled to be an easy match with any outfit. 

Fashion versus function

You might think there are two types of men when it comes to dressing for the rain. There's the practical guy who values waterproofing above all other qualities—even if that means his style profile takes a dip when wet weather arrives. Then there's the aesthete who's happy to look dapper—if a little damp—in that fashion-forward jacket that probably isn't as weatherproof as it appears. But with the right raincoat or windbreaker from our handpicked assortment, you can have the best of both worlds: a garment that keeps the rain off, the wind out, and accentuates your look all at the same time. 

Water-resistant or water-repellant?

Dressing for wet weather is a skill, and that skill can only be mastered by knowing a number of factors. One of the most important of these factors is the distinction between water-resistant and water-repellant. In very simple terms, water-resistant clothing is suitable for short periods of light rain, whereas water-repellent materials have a hydrophobic outer layer that actively repels water droplets—just like the name suggests. So if you live in a mild climate or you're only ever outdoors for short spells, water-resistant should be fine—but if you're likely to be in the great outdoors for extended periods, you should pick out a raincoat or windbreaker that's officially water-repellant.