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Men's tailored fit shirts from Simons

When it comes to men's tailored-fit shirts—also known as slim-fit shirts—you'll find that there's literally no such thing as "one size fits all" at Simons. We offer an exclusive, handpicked selection from renowned international brands Tiger of Sweden and Hörst, as well as high-quality pieces from our very own private label Le 31, where sophisticated designs are guided by avant-garde fashion principles. That means you can expect fine detailing, premium 100% cotton weave material, abundant sizing options—and thoughtful added features, such as hidden buttoned point collars.

What makes a shirt tailored fit?

Regular-fit shirts are designed to create a straight body shape from armhole to hem. In contrast, tailored-fit shirts are tapered in such a way that the waist is narrower than the shoulders and chest. It's a popular design choice for those with slim or athletic builds, especially in workplace or semiformal settings. In addition to the flattering shape this tailoring creates, you'll find that there is less excess fabric to be tucked into trousers. That means this is the perfect type of shirt to be paired with form-fitting suits and pants.

Finding the right fit

The traditional way to buy a shirt in your size is to measure the circumference of your neck and add a 1/4" for breathing room. But there are additional factors to take into consideration when buying a tailored-fit shirt. With our Fit Finder tool, you can be confident that your shirt will fit your frame as intended. Through a series of simple steps, you will enter your height and weight, belly shape, chest shape, age, and your fit preference—tighter or looser. You can even compare sizes with brands you normally wear. At the end, we'll give you your sizing options and a compatibility rating for each. Simple.