École de Pensée designer collection at Simons

Canadian Brand | Much more than just an independent label, École de Pensée is an ongoing collaboration between designers from Montreal that was started in 2014. Their vision is to create fashion inspired by alternative cultures, an idea that gave the company its name. Every collection is created to complete the one that came before it, seeking to promote an evolution and balance between the pieces' fits, fabrics, and high-quality construction. The materials used come majorly from England, Italy, Japan, and Portugal, where they are meticulously made before being turned into the label's pieces you can layer in a hundred different ways.

  • Ecole de Pensée

    Sand linen shirt

    $375.00 Can$249.95

  • Ecole de Pensée

    Sand linen cuffed Bermudas

    $475.00 Can$349.95

  • Ecole de Pensée

    Explorer poplin shirt

    $275.00 Can$199.95

  • Ecole de Pensée

    Chic coach jacket

    $575.00 Can$399.95

  • Ecole de Pensée

    Black 100% linen pant

    $525.00 Can$399.95

  • Ecole de Pensée

    Wide-cuff cotton trench coat

    $1,500.00 Can$999.95

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