Houndstooth Overcoat

A retro plaid made modern by this elegant interpretation with mustard undertones.

Recycled Wool

Just as warm, just as soft, just as elegant, but better for our planet.

Be eco-friendly and chic by wearing wool produced using fabric trimmings and recuperated clothing.

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Loud or Low-Key?

There's a dress shirt out there for every mood!

Mr. Green

For those who love to wear black, but who are looking to add a little colour to their routine.

Look 1

Pair it with its matching pant to create a chic and on-point suit.

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3 Ways

Le 31

Marzotto end-on-end jacket


Look 2

Combine it with a crew neck and blue jean to look effortlessly classy.

Look 3

Wear it with a floral shirt and a pair of chinos for a distinguished and casual flair.

From Nature, With Love

Care products made of plants and flowers that put nature's restorative power at your service.