Loose Polka Dot Blouse

Fluidity and femininity meet in our pieces made of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose, a fibre produced using certified wood pulp from sustainable sources.

Dotted loose V-neck blouse for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Eco-Friendly Coordinates

Worn with a tee, they ensure effortless elegance and adapt to meet your every need.

Got an important video call coming up?
Just slip on the jacket and you're all set.

Recycled polyester and wool eco jacket by Le 31 at Simons

The Sweatshirt-Knit Vest

This sleeveless vest combines the look of a knit with the comfort of your coziest sweatshirt. Layer it in all your looks.

Twik is partnering with Glowing.org and Pantone® Color Institute to create a collection featuring the fluorescent colours of glowing corals, these animals' ultimate visual warning to us before they disappear forever.

When you purchase one of these items,
$5 will be donated to The Ocean Agency
whose mission is to protect highly threatened coral reefs.

Twik exclusive

Pantone colour square tee

Twik exclusive

Pantone colour square sweatshirt dress

Twik exclusive

Ocean floor loose T-shirt

Glowing Yellow
Pantone colour square tee at Simons
Pantone colour square tee at Simons
Glowing Blue
Pantone colour square sweatshirt dress at Simons
Pantone colour square sweatshirt dress at Simons
Glowing Purple
Ocean floor loose T-shirt at Simons
Ocean floor loose T-shirt at Simons

Discover a green space that highlights our sustainable actions and initiatives and shines a light on what has built our identity: style, accessibility, and service.

Our Sustainability Standards

The following standards will explain how a product's features meet Vision's requirements.

Shop with Vision Filters

Want to discover an assortment that's in line with your social and environmental values? Simons invites you to use our Vision Standards filters based on various sustainability criteria.

Spotlighting Sustainable Fashion

Vintage Designer Pieces

A selection of authentic, vintage clothes, bags,
and accessories is now available at Simons.
Each piece highlights the talent of renowned designers who have defined the last decades.

In addition to providing you with unique style, picking up a vintage piece is a meaningful, eco-friendly act, minimizing the use of new resources and reducing the pollution linked to production and transportation. Vintage purchases give a second life to pieces that have succeeded at traversing the seasons and always staying trendy.

The vintage classic Chanel bag with flap, LXR and Co for Simons