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Sunny Suppers

Honey yellow, cherry red, pistachio green, chocolate brown—the table and its bright delights have never looked more delicious than when surrounded by the sun's golden rays and your loved ones' laughter.

Passion and Tradition

Fabrique 1840 is proud to spotlight the immense talent of Indigenous creators from coast to coast whose work is so rich in history and a love of nature.

Decorative paddle set from Onquata at Fabrique 1840

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A Recipe for Making Mouths Water

Baste meat in savoury sauces.
Add a delicious dash of spices.
Barbecue it to perfection.
And enjoy every last bite.

Grey line
Tablet sound amplifier and holder from LivCan Design at Fabrique 1840
Pinstripe leather and cotton apron from Atelier Chalet at Fabrique 1840

Take a deep dive into the world of local artisans. Discover a universe filled with tradition, innovation, age-old expertise, hard work, and dedication.

Woodworker in her workshop