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Nylons from Simons

Nylons are back. In fact, they never really went away. This timeless garment has been a fashion staple since the 1920s—when dress hemlines first began to rise—through to the current day, as style icons like Duchess Kate (a famed fan of Pretty Polly tights) embrace the possibilities nylons present. And while certain variants are worn for extra warmth in cold weather, tights and pantyhose are almost always an aesthetic choice. After all, it's easy to add an extra dimension of style with nylons that complement your outfit, create a smoother look, and subtly express your panache. 

Pantyhose, tights, stay-ups, stockings…

There are a few overlapping terms in the broader nylons category, so let's clear some things up right now. Pantyhose, sometimes referred to as tights (especially in thicker materials and more opaque finishes), reach from the waist to the toe for complete lower body coverage. In contrast, stay-ups go from the toe to the thigh, and often feature detailed, banded garters for a reassuringly snug fit. Both styles are extremely versatile, but pantyhose may be considered an everyday garment whereas stay-ups, with their feminine detailing, might be a good choice for a romantic touch.  

Pick out the perfect pair with our guide

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to picking out the perfect nylons for your look, your taste, and your body shape. For example, what kind of material will work best in each season? When is open toe a preferred option? And will you be more comfortable with a reinforced panty, control top, sheer-to-waist, or no waistband at all? Fortunately, all these questions and more are addressed by our handy Tips & Tricks, so you can spend less time guessing and more time picking out the perfect nylons from our carefully curated selection.