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Women's watches at Simons

A watch doesn't simply tell the time—it's the ultimate accessory. In fact, your choice of timepiece does more than round out an ensemble: it can speak volumes about your style and sensibilities. Fortunately, you have a stylish selection of women's watches at your fingertips. Whether it's the simple elegance of a boho-chic watch, a retro digital piece in luminous colours, or eye-catching fascia designs that turn radiant in the dusk, it's easy to find a wristwatch that fits your fashion sense in our curated collection. So, ready to get started? There's no time like the present. 

Find a fit for your life

Women's watches can be broadly categorized into four different types: casual, dress, fashion, and sport. That means there's a diverse assortment of designs out there—but it also means few timepieces are designed to suit every occasion, so you need to consider how your new wristwatch is going to fit your daily routine. That square-dialed, silver-accented dress watch is the perfect choice for a cocktail evening, but you wouldn't wear it for a portaging weekend! Think about your current collection of watches, and consider just how versatile you need your new timepiece to be. 

White, bold, or rose gold?

It's easy to see why watches can quickly become an essential part of any wardrobe, but they have to work with each outfit. Did you know that your ensemble can have a direct effect on how well your timepiece suits you? A white watch, for instance, is likely to pair well with lighter tones and fabrics, whereas a boldly coloured wristwatch should be matched up with an equally bold outfit. So don't view each timepiece in isolation: try to visualize your attire when you shop women's watches. It might help you decide which strap will work best—brown leather, rose gold mesh, or interchangeable nylon.