Summer Escape

Bright patterns on light materials and vivid hues on chic silhouettes—inspiring outfits to help you get away from it all for a while. Embark on a colourful, summery adventure.

Retro abstract-print pure linen dress by Contemporaine at Simons

Style Spritz

The ultimate summer cocktail? A perfectly proportioned mix of sunny shades and tropical prints taken from head to toe.

U-ring floral dress at Icône

T-Shirts and Shorts

It's a match!
The two lovebirds in question? You and our latest drops.

T-Shirts and Shorts at Simons
Logo Miiyu

Designed in 1975 and updated with vibrant colours on an organic cotton poplin, this floral print is here to brighten up your downtime.

Claire-Aude pyjama set made with Liberty floral print for women at Simons

Lovable Linen

The airy freshness and casual elegance of linen is back to win you over in a beautiful, lively colour palette.

Striped pure linen blazer by Contemporaine at Simons

The Art
of Tailoring

We've combined soft colours
and modern silhouettes
to craft a professional
wardrobe that radiates
confidence and elegance.

Ivory shoulder pad double-breasted blazer for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Online Only

outerknown logo

By surfer Kelly Slater

Dive into a world inspired by the beach with this casual and eco-friendly collection.

Plaid blanket overshirt for women by Outerknown at Simons

Your Number Ones

Vision Dazzling garden shift dress Dazzling garden shift dress
Contemporaine exclusive

Dazzling garden shift dress


Peachskin short-sleeve sweatshirt Peachskin short-sleeve sweatshirt
Contemporaine exclusive

Peachskin short-sleeve sweatshirt


Cropped polo collar cardigan Cropped polo collar cardigan
Contemporaine exclusive

Cropped polo collar cardigan


Vision Fluid and pleated wide-leg cropped pant Fluid and pleated wide-leg cropped pant
Contemporaine exclusive

Fluid and pleated wide-leg cropped pant


Puff-sleeve belted dress Puff-sleeve belted dress
Icône exclusive

Puff-sleeve belted dress


Cropped O-ring T-shirt Cropped O-ring T-shirt
Icône exclusive

Cropped O-ring T-shirt


Criss-cross waist flared pant Criss-cross waist flared pant
Icône exclusive

Criss-cross waist flared pant


Pleated linen short Pleated linen short
Icône exclusive

Pleated linen short


Vision Organic cotton cropped halter cami Organic cotton cropped halter cami
Twik exclusive

Organic cotton cropped halter cami


Linen-blend utility overalls Linen-blend utility overalls
Twik exclusive

Linen-blend utility overalls


Vision Cut hem plush fleece short Cut hem plush fleece short
Twik exclusive

Cut hem plush fleece short


Vision Embroidered mini-flower cropped cardigan Embroidered mini-flower cropped cardigan
Twik exclusive

Embroidered mini-flower cropped cardigan


Top Categories

Our Unique Zones

Vision logo

This month, Vision is singing the praises of recycled fibres. Whether they're synthetic, natural, post-consumer, or post-industrial, recycling these fibres is one of the best solutions for countering the accumulation of waste in our environment.

Lilac quilted jacket for women at Simons

Ecstatic Chromatic

Need colour? We've got you covered.

Indigo blue babydoll dress from Icône at Simons


A superb selection of bold and beautiful dresses for bringing your warm-weather wardrobe into bloom.

Twisted floral dress for women at Simons


Quilty Pleasures

Structured evening bags take on stitched geometric textures and dazzling colours to create the ultimate arm candy.

Stitched check bag at Simons


The big fashion elements that started the 2000s off with a bang are making a major comeback.

Y2K at Simons

The Cami You Need

Cropped and slim, ribbed body-hugging nylon,
a square neckline: we've got your go-to
right here!

Women Camis at Simons


Creative Expression

It's impossible to have a bad day when you're wearing bright colours and fun accessories!

Playful hair accessories at Simons

Ribbed Jersey

Put our technical, body-shaping fabric to the test. Did we mention it's stretchy, trendy, and features a subtle texture, too?


Boho Beauty

Bring on the praline and caramel hues, textures that call to mind the English countryside, and ruffled accents inspired by lingerie from a bygone era.