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Turtlenecks and mock-neck sweaters

Turtlenecks and mock necks have long been a fashion staple. They formed a crucial part of a plush urban look that peaked at some point in the early '90s, but they never really went away. In fact, they're back in vogue yet again as contemporary designers add their own accents, embellishments, and inspirations. But what makes this timeless sweater so resistant to the turning tides of fashion? Look no further than its surprising versatility across seasons, its luxurious blend of style and comfort, and its unmistakable neck-lengthening silhouette—which adds height, grace, and elegance to any ensemble. 

Know your necks

So what's the difference between a true turtleneck and a mock neck? The distinction is actually very straightforward: the collar on a turtleneck is long enough to roll down over itself, creating a layered effect, while a mock neck has a shorter collar—one or two inches—that doesn't roll down. The cowl is another variant with a wide, funnel-shaped collar that sits loosely around the neck. In essence, there's not a big distinction between mock necks and turtlenecks, other than the fact that the latter may offer a little more warmth and coziness in cold weather.  

A high neckline is not just for winter

When you shop Simons' curated collection, you'll find that these sweaters cover the spectrum of colour, material, and sleeve length. That makes it a multipurpose garment fit for any fashion-forward wardrobe. Need a little inspiration to get started? Put comfort first by pairing a soft wool, solid-colour turtleneck with black leggings and accent belt; create a streetwear vibe by wearing an ultra-stretchy viscose mock neck underneath a bomber jacket; or dress down in effortless style by matching an acrylic-knit, ultra-long-sleeved turtleneck with an embroidered denim skirt. Express yourself, have fun, and make your mark with these enduring designs.