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Women's slippers from Simons

There's nothing quite like sliding your feet into a warm, comfortable pair of slippers after a long day working, walking, or wandering around town. It's the perfect way to kick-start an evening of relaxation, but that doesn't mean you have to let your style standards slip. In fact, slippers have the potential to encapsulate your personality just as effectively as any dress shoe, sneaker, or boot—with the added bonus of snug designs and sumptuously soft materials. So check out our handpicked selection of women's slippers that put looks and luxury on an even footing.  

Styles of slipper

Your idea of comfort is as unique as your sense of style. For that reason, we've curated our collection to cover a variety of slipper designs that give you different ways to achieve that same level of luxurious comfort. There's the classic slip-on, arguably the most convenient style to get in and out of, as well as moccasins and other shoe-like designs that make it easy to step out onto the balcony or grab the mail without having to change shoes. So do you need a bit of versatility in your slipper, or are you looking for indoor-only footwear where coziness is the only consideration? 

Spotlight on UGG

Few brands are more synonymous with fur-lined footwear than Australia's UGG. But their quality designs are not limited to outdoor boots alone: they also offer some of the world's most luxuriously cozy slippers. Their moccasins, for example, combine a 100% natural wool interior with water-resistant suede and a rubber sole for the ultimate in robust plushness. And you'll rarely experience anything more comfortable than the genuine shearling lining in UGG's mule slippers. Try wearing them barefoot for maximum benefit—and see for yourself how genuine sheepskin can keep your feet dry and comfortable in cold temperatures.