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Eau Contemporaine by Ruby Brown

1 Mar 2017

Simons is proud to announce the launch of an all new and exclusive debut perfume for women, Eau Contemporaine by Ruby Brown

The Contemporaine woman at Simons now has an exclusive fragrance, created especially for her by Canadian fragrance designer Ruby Brown. “I created this perfume with the modern and contemporary woman in mind, a woman who wants to distinguish herself with a subtle and delicate hint of perfume that’s all her own,” explained Ruby Brown.

“The perfume is a perfect complement for our Contemporaine customer and we wanted to offer her something that really celebrates who she is. The extremely attractive idea of designing a fragrance from start to finish was one that we had in mind for some time. However, we wanted to find the right tone and ‘the nose,’ as they say in the perfume industry, who could introduce us to this special science,” said Peter Simons, the president of Simons’ Canada-wide chain of stores.

“It was by chance that our Contemporaine buying director and Ruby Brown crossed paths on a personal level and that, with one thing leading to another, they discovered their shared passion for perfume. When we found out that Ruby designed custom perfumes, it sparked the project to create Eau Contemporaine,” Peter Simons continued.

“Ruby really opened the door to the fascinating world of perfumes for us and introduced us to the complex work of these designers who add the final touch to a woman’s wardrobe. She allowed me and my team to play with the notes that make up a perfume, to discover their intensities and subtleties in speaking to our emotions and memories in order to create and produce three original fragrances that are now the pride and joy of the Contemporaine team. We are very excited about presenting this “Eau parfumée” that comes in three scents, each of which is linked to an essential element of a well-orchestrated women’s wardrobe for all of life’s moments. We hope that our customer will enjoy wearing our fragrances as much as we enjoyed creating them!” shared Patricia Cherian, the Contemporaine buying director at Simons who oversaw the project. 

“In addition to being the designer, Ruby Brown is also the ideal woman to represent our first perfume. Her story perfectly illustrates the modern woman—she is rich in experience and totally confident in herself. With her elegant and glamorous looks that attest to her beginnings as a model in the world’s leading fashion capitals, Ruby gained solid experience in the business world due to her dedication and determination to create her own perfume company. She is a reflection of the woman to whom she dedicates this perfume and a true inspiration for all women,” added Peter Simons.


Eau Contemporaine comes in three scents, creating a fragrant wardrobe for every moment of the day!

• SOIE (SILK) = evokes the sensuality of an airy dress on an elegant evening. It’s an opulent, floral, and woody scent with notes of grapefruit, rose, white tea, and bergamot.

• COTON (COTTON) = evokes the satisfying sensation of a cool shirt on a sunny morning. It’s an aquatic, invigorating, and very fresh scent with notes of mandarin oranges, violet leaves, and water jasmine.

• LIN (LINEN) = evokes the luxury of wearing linen while on vacation. It’s a crisp, musky, and airy scent with notes of bergamot, cyclamen, and lily of the valley.

Eau Contemporaine will be available in the Contemporaine section of Simons’ 14 stores across Canada and on as of May 2017.

About Ruby Brown
Before going into business, Ruby Brown lived in Paris for many years while working in fashion. Her career as a model brought her into close contact with France’s top designers. When she returned to Montreal, she founded Essence Workshop in 2010. This perfumery creates custom-made fragrances and also offers group workshops on designing perfumes. The Essence Workshop line includes scented candles that you can buy online or at the Denis Gagnon boutique located in Old Montreal. The young woman, who is described on her site as the “the perfumer to the stars,” is also a graduate of l’École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce.