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Simons presents Jonak, Europeans shoes available exclusively in Canada at Simons

1 Jan 2017

This chic shoe collection for active, elegant women in search of quality and modern style comes to enhance Simons’ edited fashion concept. 

Simons, a retailer that’s originally from Quebec City and that’s been dedicated to disseminating fashion for 177 years, is now proud to announce that its women customers can pick up popular shoe styles by Jonak from Paris exclusively at its stores in Canada. Jonak is a European brand recognized by fashionistas as a top label for on-trend footwear that combines quality, style, and irresistible prices.

“We are very happy to offer this collection to Canadian customers. Our shoe selection is becoming increasingly important at Simons and our women customers are showing a growing desire to find quality shoes that are unique and on trend at our stores in order to complete their wardrobe. That’s why when we came across Jonak, we knew it would be the most exciting collection to enhance our edited and perfectly coordinated fashion selection,” explained Peter Simons, the company’s CEO. “Also, Jonak has several points in common with Simons, which undoubtedly explains why we fell in love with Jonak’s products and why the philosophy of this family company is consistent with our own mission and has a similar history,” said Peter Simons.

The grandfather, Marcel Nakam, was a merchant in Algeria at the beginning of the 20th century. He immigrated to France and created Jonak with his wife. The company’s first shoe store opened in 1964 on Rue Saint-Placide in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Unfortunately, Marcel died very young, but his eldest son, Joseph, inherited his passion and love for quality work. He took over and continued the business with his mother, developing the company and opening new stores all over France.

His daughter, Lisa, who now runs the company with her father and brother, told us, “My father was always passionate about his products. He was raised by a woman who completely understood the times as well as the emerging trends, and who placed a lot of emphasis on elegance. Even today at 80 years old, my grandmother works in the store on Rue Saint-Placide for fun and, above all, to be sure that the brand stays creative and on the cutting edge of the trends, while also maintaining a high level of quality. Our goal as shoe designers is the enhance the silhouette, expand the colour palette and, above all, never break a beautiful woman’s spell with the wrong shoes.”

“This is why we work with highly skilled and specialized European factories mainly located in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. All our shoes are made of real leather. We favour cowhide, calfskin, and goatskin for their suppleness and smooth grain. Our designers travel around the world in search of trends and innovations to rework derbies, booties, chic moccasins and sandals each season. Since we were raised with a passion for fashion and with a keen usiness sense, we can’t help but be fulfilled working in the fabulous field of design. Seeing your work worn by women everyday is a huge source of pride!” Lisa Nakam continues.

Certain styles were developed in close collaboration with Simons’ buying team to offer our customers exclusive styles with original features that they’ll only find at Simons. Prices for shoes vary from $125 to $195, and from $175 to $250 for boots.

Jonak shoes are available at Simons’ Sainte-Foy, Laval, Anjou, Ottawa, Mississauga, Edmonton, and Vancouver stores as well as online at

About Jonak
Jonak has been an authoritative company in the world of quality, on-trend shoes since 1964. Founded and still managed by the same family, Jonak owns 80 sales points worldwide and produces over 400 original styles each year.