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NV – First Simons' Designed Unisex Collection

1 Oct 2017

Breaking down gender barriers in fashion

Simons, the family-owned fashion retailer from Quebec City, is launching its first in-house designed unisex collection: NV. The collection consists of 24 styles, including jackets, pants, sweaters, shirts, scarves and hats. NV launches in-store and at on October 1.

“After the success of our Unisex Edition assortment in 2016, we decided to create a dedicated Simons collection that allows us to explore the evolving trends in fashion with unique silhouettes and styles,” says Peter Simons, President of Simons. “The collection speaks to a new generation that is making up their own rules as they go and shopping in a way that relates more to the garment itself rather than whether it be categorized as womenswear or menswear.”

NV the name of our new collection refers to “Nova” which alludes to a new beginning, an evolution towards unknown horizons yet to be explored.

The collection translates historical garment details into contemporary pieces that are free of gender, age and era categorization. Inspired by 1940s fashion, the pieces have hybridizing forms and simple, yet elevated details. NV plays with shape and volume, while highlighting asymmetrical and unusual details that are both masculine and feminine.

NV was created and brought to life by a team of young and talented designers who are doing exciting work in their respective fields, and bringing new energy to Simons through this collection. NV is an evolution of Simons’ commitment to unisex fashion which began in 2016 with a curated assortment of styles from various avant-garde designers.

A dynamic campaign featuring a diverse cast, including iconic model Kirsten Owen and a cast of fresh new faces will be introducing the project.