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Just Tiffany

10 Aug 2018

Dazzling and down-to-earth is how we would describe Canadian model Tiffany Meia. Featured in our latest Twik photo shoot, she’s not only garnered tons of followers on Instagram, but also contracts with world-famous brands like Levi’s, The North Face, Tiffany & Co., and Nike. We recently sat down with her to discuss her career, family, and goals. 

When we ask Tiffany to tell us a bit about what her work is like, her answer is somewhat surprising. “I’m fortunate. You don’t have to work so hard, and it’s very rewarding in the end,” she says. At twenty years old, Tiffany truly understands how lucky she is to be modelling.

She credits her humility to how she was raised by her mother. Tiffany’s mom always taught her children to take nothing for granted. “I’ve lived a very privileged life,“ she explains, “but it’s not like that in a lot of places in the world. It’s really, really important to remember that.”

She says that she learned a lot from travelling. Her mother would take advantage of these opportunities to visit orphanages and give basic essentials to the less fortunate. These important lessons left a lasting impression on Tiffany, and today are steering her towards ambitious philanthropic projects of her own.

In fact, by the end of next year, she hopes to team up with a foundation in order to open schools in the heart of disadvantaged communities. “I want to do a lot of other things,” she says. “You make a lot of money through modelling, [and] you can use that towards what you […] want to do.” 

Tiffany’s not one for labels. “I’m just Tiffany, ” she says with a laugh. This attitude perhaps explains her growing popularity on Instagram, where she has over two hundred and eighty thousand followers.

However, the young model says that she never posts with the goal of getting likes. “It’s more like a personal diary in a sense. […] It’s like a personal diary that ended up being way more public than I intended it to be. And I don’t mind it, because generally my audience is pretty positive,” she explains. 

Perhaps then it is this authenticity that's earned her so much success. Tiffany describes herself as a person who is easygoing and… particular! What does she mean by that? She explains with a story about her very first modelling contract.

“My first job ever was a Levi's campaign. We were in Lake Tahoe and they had the craziest snacks. I literally took all the cherry SweeTARTS, cherry Life Savers, [and] cherry Skittles,” she confesses through her laughter. “Particular like that.”

Even if the key to her social media success remains a mystery to Tiffany, she hopes to have a positive influence on her fans. “My end goal […] is to get [others] in the mindset of helping people, not because you feel like you should, but because you want to.“

Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada
Current city: Los Angeles, USA
Background: Mongolian, Vietnamese
Age: 20
Favourite colour: Green
How her friends describe her: Funny

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