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A Renaissance Through Art

3 Oct 2019

Since Simons' very beginning, we’ve cultivated our creative spirit through travel and discoveries. The work of artists from different disciplines inspires us because like them, we believe that art helps to make the world more beautiful, allows us to express ourselves, and sparks new ideas.

By constantly being in an effervescent and creative environment, we’re aware of the different forms art can take and the good that it can do. We recently had a phenomenal idea: Why not create a project that bought both of these elements together?   

True artists at heart, our Twik team created a clothing collection featuring prints of famous works of art from the past. Committed to making a difference, they chose to collaborate with two Canadian organizations, Les Impatients and Full Circle, who use art to help people with mental health issues. An attractive combination, isn’t it? For each item sold, $8 will be donated to these fantastic organizations.  

But what are the health benefits of art?

Art helps individuals exteriorize and organize their thoughts and feelings that could otherwise be difficult to express. It can improve a person’s emotional, spiritual, social, cognitive, and physical well-being. In the context of art therapy, the creative process can be guided by an art therapist or a visual artist. 

More specifically, artistic creation has multiple health benefits: it decreases stress, improves sleep, and increases self-confidence. Certain artistic practices involving repetition, like coloring, help individuals manage their emotions by inducing a state close to meditation.

Their mission: To come to the aid of people with mental health issues through artistic expression.
At Les Impatients, there’s no limit to the artistic techniques explored (painting, drawing, sculpture, theatre, music, comic books, and digital artwork). The only prerequisite is to have an interest in expressing yourself through art. They allow the works of art created in workshops to be displayed in exhibitions, publications, shows, and disks, which helps contribute to the integration of people with mental health disorders. 

Their mission: To provide affordable mental health services to a variety of populations in the Greater Toronto Area through group sessions, individual art therapy sessions, and art therapy workshops. They focus on client-centred treatment and an individual’s positive strengths, allowing for the expression of their authentic self through creative means tailored to their needs.

Introduce art into your life. No matter what form it takes, the effects can only be positive. Express yourself, be yourself, and create what you want!

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