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5 Pieces to Put on Your List for Back to School This Fall

15 Jul 2019

Ready for back to school? Well, ready or not, here it comes! Now’s the perfect time to start back to school shopping since it’s never too early to talk about the top trends. This year, we’ve made things a little easier for you by coming up with a list of 5 must-have pieces to pick up for your back to school outfits for fall so that you’ll be in a class of your own (don't forget the backpack).

The Fishing Vest

Haven’t taken the bait yet? Now’s your chance! The ultimate piece for adding a layer and perfectly on point for the utility trend, it works with all your favourite essentials to create looks that will wow all your friends. Wear it with a white tee, your new bike shorts, or even a pair of army pants. We bet that everyone will be on board with your new look! 

Photo credit: @himichelleli

The Polar Fleece Sweatshirt

A favorite on footpaths and worn almost exclusively by people who love to camp, polar fleece sweatshirts are leaving the forest for more urban terrain. They’re easy to add to streetwear, especially to cargo pants and hiking shoes. You can even layer them over a plaid flannel shirt and pair them with skinny jeans or twill pants for a casual look. 

Photo credit: @maisonsimons

Nylon Joggers

This lightweight athletic pant straight from the ’90s is a top trend this season. It’s impossible to pass up when it comes in color blocks and neons, earning it an A+ in style. Fashion fans love to wear it as part of a head-to-toe look with an anorak or logo tee, which are always “it” items.

Photo credit: @maisonsimons


Here they are! The hair accessory that we once thought was only for little girls is back in a big way. In fact, their comeback is nothing short of major, seeing as they were everywhere on the streets of New York during the city’s most recent Fashion Week. Get creative and work them into your everyday hair-dos. Wear them in twos or threes and try every style—rectangles, triangles, bobby pins, pearls, and tortoiseshell patterns. You can’t go wrong!

Photo credit: @nyfw @hannahbaxward @tylerjoe @harpersbazaarus 

The Bucket Hat

Made fashionable in ’90s popular culture by artists from the hip-hop and pop scene, the bucket hat has resurfaced this season in a style designed for the great outdoors. Wear it with a puffer jacket, a tee with a landscape print that reminds you of your latest adventure, and a chunky-knit sweater for an outfit that's absolutely expedition-ready.  Wherever the trail take you, remember to hang on to this hat! 

Photo credit: @maisonsimons
Photo credit: @nikewomen

Which of these pieces will you be picking up for your back to school outfits?
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