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Women's Workout Leggings: Pick the Right Pair

16 Aug 2019

To push your limits and take on new challenges, gear up with comfortable, high-performance clothing. Whatever your favorite activity may be, a great pair of sports leggings will help you keep in top shape while also looking your best.

What Leggings Should I Choose For My Sport?

Each athlete has different needs. Choose a model that meets yours exactly.

If you’re really into running, opt for a compression legging. Acting like a second skin, it hugs your body as you move. Their synthetic fabrics are effective at wicking away moisture and keeping you dry. What’s more, this major must-have will protect your thighs from chaffing and irritation that can be caused by the legs’ repetitive back-and-forth motion.

Tip: To move even more freely, pick up a pair of short leggings from brands like Nike, Under Armour, or i.Fiv5

Are you an accomplished yogi? Perfect your poses with high-waisted leggings. Make sure to always have the right fit—your yoga leggings should stay in place without being too tight on your hips. Then, all that's left for you to do is anchor your feet firmly on your yoga mat (like our favorite one from Lolë) and let the magic of mindfulness begin!

Tip: Select ultra-stretchy styles that are slightly thicker in order to practice your poses comfortably without areas becoming less opaque when stretched. 

Fans of the great outdoors will love looking through our selection of polar fleece leggings for outside activities. Coming in a number of colorful patterns, they'll keep your muscles warm so you can spend as long as you'd like enjoying nature.

Tip: On cold days, try a multilayered dressing technique and wear one or more pieces over your polar fleece leggings.

Style That Score Points

For a modern and sporty look, follow our tips to test out today’s top trends.

Naturally Stylish

Nature-inspired prints are everywhere this season. Whether leggings come covered in leopard, snake, or plant-inspired camo prints, they’ll make your silhouette look stunning and keep all eyes on you.

A Subtle Reveal

Micro perforations create dynamic and geometric designs. Additionally, they allow for extra ventilation that'll keep you cool and dry no matter how intense your workout gets.

Color Combos

You'll love these leggings that play around with fading effects. Graduated pastels, bold ombrés, dark tie-dyes… these hazy-hued combinations will give you all the extra energy you need!

What Do You Wear With Leggings?

Two styles that are inseparable this season are leggings and sports bras. To create effortless legging outfits, pick matching shades or matching pieces. On the other hand, for an energy boost, select a sports bra and a pair of leggings that are in complementary colors.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Leggings

It’s possible to have great gear while also respecting your environmental values. Our selection of athletic leggings includes numerous pieces that are eco-friendlier.

Many styles from our i.FiV5 label are made out of Repreve polyester. Each legging is made from ten recycled plastic bottles.

The American brand adidas also offers leggings that are made of recycled polyester. Plastic waste is collected from beaches and along the shoreline before it gets into the ocean and is transformed into a soft, eco-friendly microfiber.

Choose what you wear for your workout carefully and make our awesome selection of activewear one of your new motivations!