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BOUND by Bond-Eye Swimsuits Are Making Waves

5 June 2018

Temperatures are on the rise and so is our excitement for summer. We’re thinking more and more about vacations in the sun and the soothing ocean air. To add to our eagerness, Instagram is bombarding us with sensational swim styles, and we’re definitely daydreaming about wearing these latest summer trends on the sand. On our radar are tons of swimsuits with textured fabrics and low backs, like those made by the brand BOUND by Bond-Eye, now available at Simons

Originally from Australia, this label is known for its innovation. Often appearing in Sports Illustrated, they’re stealing the spotlight this season with their swimsuits made of a super stretchy fabric called MAXXAM®. 

What’s so special about these pieces? They fit all shapes and sizes. Have a tiny waist and a larger bust? They’ll fit you like a glove—we guarantee it. Crazy, you say? So crazy that famous models like Natalie Darcas, Sofia Jamora, and Anja Tyrrell picked up pieces on the spot. Read on to learn a bit more about this forward-thinking company.

This year, texture is definitely in! We’re seeing one-pieces and bikinis in ribbed and smocked fabrics. That being said, the season’s focus is on minimalist cuts and monochrome colour palettes. As everyone knows, moderation is always in good taste!

In terms of fabric, BOUND by Bond-Eye is a standout on the market. Their swimsuits come in one size and are made of a super stretchy and innovative nylon blend. The added value lies in the soft 3D texture and matte finish of these swimwear styles that allow them to hug every inch of your body and provide a tailor-made, unique fit suitable for every silhouette.

If you're worried about how your curves will change over time, this brand guarantees timelessness with its revolutionary fabric that adapts to how your body evolves. Their styles fit sizes ranging from extra small to large. What's more, their suits are made using a tubular construction, so there are no side seams. Finally, technology and fashion have fused to provide complete comfort. We were told that once you put one on, you'll definitely be bringing it home. Hurry in to Simons to try them on today!

Inspired by the ‘90s, scoop backs are minimalist and sporty. They're a detail that grabbed everyone's attention on the TV series “Baywatch,” which starred the famous Pamela Anderson.

On the show, the main female
characters' uniforms were bright red
one-pieces with trendy U-shaped backs. (The same shade of scarlet red was everywhere on Instagram
in 2017 and 2018.)

We love this swimsuit because it makes us wax nostalgic for the past. But whether or not you're a Gen-Xer, this is a perfect trend for fashionistas who want to combine sporty style and comfort.

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