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Christmas comes home!

17 Nov 2016

Each year, we impatiently and excitedly wait for the moment to break out our decorations and slowly start setting up holiday magic at home. 

In addition to the traditional tree and strings of lights, there are many ways to elevate your decor to make it look a bit more magical. Discover 3 simple ways to get your home all set for celebrating!

First, opt for basics in neutral colours, like this terrific champagne tablecloth, and then, take them to the next level by simply adding shimmering metallic accents.  Silver, gold, and pink touches will instantly make your rooms look very merry! 

For ultra-chic decor, fine and natural fabrics are fabulous and also have the advantage of being timeless. Feel free to include accessories made of linen or fur to make your rooms look completely cosy.

At Simons, we’re obsessed with festive ornaments that feature gold details for decorating the tree, wreaths, garlands, and much more. Discover these brand new items that come in many different shapes, colours, and materials! 

Chalets make us think of keeping comfy. You can recreate this cosy feeling by using raw materials, textured knits that look handmade, and warm, natural furs.

Is there anything better than wrapping up in a throw that reproduces the popular striped edges of warm wool socks in an oversized pattern?

Just add vintage-style items, traditional hunter checks, patterns that feature wild animals and you’re all done!

Make your decor come to life with animals in every room. We especially love when they come clothed in bright colours, like the stag wearing shades and a striped T-Shirt on this throw, the penguin sporting a red tuque on this place mat, and the polar bear wrapped up in a warm scarf on this handmade ornament.

For enjoying quality time with little ones at the table, whether it’s dinnertime or just for having hot chocolate in the afternoon (made with marshmallows, of course), this patchwork tablecloth is a major must at Simons. It brings together tons of fun and colourful motifs that are typical for the holidays and is made entirely of easy-to-clean vinyl. 

Now you’re all set to set up the house! For more ideas and inspiration, visit our themed gallery to discover our complete Christmas collection.

Enjoy hosting the holidays!