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Complementary combos in pastel colours

20 Jan 2017

Being your own stylist has never been easier thanks to the all new collection from Contemporaine that was designed to be super simple to mix and match. Create a wardrobe with endless outfit options using dark and light shades inspired by the mysterious and serene sides of nature.

Pale pink, baby blue, and light grey take centre stage this season, putting on a spectacular and beautifully balanced show. Porcelain skin tones mix with dark and mystifying mineral hues.
Together with timeless black, they create a perfectly irresistible palette that colours the collection with a trendy, feminine feel.  

Jackets, pants, skirts, cardigans, blouses, dresses, shorts—you get a complete wardrobe
in shades that let you style several looks in a snap, using just a few pieces.

What's more, all of the colours were designed to mix and match with one another.
Pair the blue with the grey, or the pink with the black without any worry of falling into a fashion faux pas. 

To round out the collection, Simons' designers created exquisite and exclusive feminine prints whose hues work wonderfully with its basics.

The lilac-accented amethyst petal print completely complements the porcelain palette.
When given a dark background, the pattern works as well with solid black as with pink pieces.
For example, wear the sleeveless blouse with a black blazer to the office, and once you're off duty, swap the blazer for a pink cardigan for a more casual feel. 

The collection's basics are made out of techno crepe, a thicker and softer fabric than regular crepe. This material drapes beautifully due to its extra weight and the fact that it's wrinkle-free will make it your favourite go-to for functional fashion when you're on the move.  

And since quality is all about the details,
you'll notice that Simons' designers
have thought everything through
and echoed the collection's popular patterns
on the linings of its jackets.

To see tons of the outfit options you can try,

Now, just pick, pair, and you're done!