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Decorating with Plants: Projects for Personalizing Your Own Green Oasis

22 Apr 2020

One who plants a garden plants happiness.
Chinese proverb

Maybe you’ve had the chance to meet a person who loves plants. Or, maybe you’re the one who finds peace and joy by just digging in the dirt, patiently watching your flowers blossom, and letting greenery grow in your living space. A legacy from our grandparents that’s sometimes lost, keeping a greenhouse has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to the slow living and slow design movements. It’s a fact that in addition to acting like a lung for our interiors and giving us daily contact with nature, plants make us happy. So, why not highlight these exceptional botanical beauties in your decor?

The Simons team invites you to let your inspiration bloom with three simple projects you can do at home.


The Planter Basket and its Variations

The best starting point for integrating plants into your home is with planters. Make room for nature with these two projects you can perfect with our braided baskets.

The Colourful Version

Here’s what you’ll need:

- A basket
- A can of acrylic paint in the colour of your choice
- A paintbrush for acrylic paint (with nylon bristles)
- A tarp, old sheet, or sheets of newspaper to protect your work area



- Make sure that the room you’re working in is well-ventilated.
- Spread out the tarp to protect your work area.
- Apply an even coat of paint to the base of the basket, just under the middle seam.
- Let it dry completely, according to the time indicated by the manufacturer. 
- Apply a second coat of paint and let it dry completely.

For a rustic look and just a hint of colour, only apply one coat. For a saturated colour, apply two or three coats. 

The Version with Pompoms

Here's what you'll need:

- A basket
- A ball of yarn in the colour of your choice
- A yarn needle, or a needle and sewing thread that's ideally the same colour as the yarn you chose
- A pair of scissors
- A rectangular piece of cardboard with a rectangle cut out in the middle
Psst! The size of the cardboard will determine the size of your pompoms. Get creative!


- Wrap the yarn around the cardboard about 20 or 30 times.
- Tie a knot in the centre with a piece of yarn, making sure to leave enough length to be able to attach the pompom to the basket (if you're using a yarn needle).
- Cut the threads of yarn on each side of the cardboard in order to free the pompom.
- Attach it to the top of the basket using a yarn needle or with a sewing needle and thread.
- Repeat this three, four, or five times and place the pompoms on one side of the basket or all over, depending on how you want it to look!

You can replace the pompoms with tassels for a different spin on this version that has a bit of bohemian flair. 


Voilà! You now have unique planters to show off your pretty plants, starting with these five varieties that are easy to care for. Place them wherever you want to add some greenery to your decor!

1- Monstera deliciosa

As its name implies, this plant is a delicious treat for the eyes. With its oversized graphic leaves displayed in a pretty planter, this tropical forest creeper will quickly make any atmosphere inviting! 

2- Senecio rowleyanus

Better known as a string-of-pearls plant, this succulent with drooping stems of small pea-shaped leaves is undeniably elegant. Beautifully displayed in a hanging planter or on a shelf, it will steal the spotlight!

3- Pilea peperomioides

This plant is also known as a pancake plant. Without a doubt, this is due to its perfectly round leaves! Easy to care for and needing very little light or water, it will make you smile as soon as you see it...

4- Ceropegia woodii

If nature possesses the secret to happiness, then this chain of hearts must be the key! The plant's simple and delicate heart-shaped leaves are absolutely stunning and we bet its easy maintenance will make you fall in love in a heartbeat.

5- Cactus euphorbia

A succulent for lazy and happy gardeners! Besides its exotic appearance that resembles a cactus, we love just how easy it is to care for. All it needs is love, light, and (very little) fresh water! 

Dried Flowers

Who didn’t dry flowers in an old dictionary as a kid? Relive these treasured memories! Create romantic decor by showing off your work between two glass panels held together by a pretty piece of string. Display the flowers either on their own or with a page taken from a plant encyclopedia. You can also opt to put them in a photo frame or a vase, depending on the look you’re going for. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Your favourite flowers, the ones that make you smile all the time or remind you of happy memories, ideally picked when they are in full bloom
- A big book like a dictionary or encyclopedia, which will be heavy enough to flatten the flowers
- Two sheets of blotting paper or newspaper (optional)
- Two small panels of glass, like those taken from old photo frames
- A page from a dictionary or encyclopedia, or even inspiring thoughts handwritten on a piece of paper
- Your choice of coloured or natural jute string



- Remove all the leaves from the flowers’ stems for the best result.
- Place the flowers between two sheets of blotting paper (to protect the pages of your book) or place them directly between two pages of your book.
- Let them dry for three to four weeks depending on the size of the flowers.
- Place them on the sheet of text you choose, or directly between the two glass panels for a streamlined look.
- Hold the two panels of glass together using the string, the way you would tie a ribbon around a gift box.
- Display it on a wall shelf or a piece of furniture and enjoy!

Delicate flowers and foliage, like pansies, poppies, and young ferns, work best for this flat-drying method.

Besides framing them in glass, dried flowers can be used to decorate in a number of ways. For instance, you can dry them upside-down for three to four weeks, ideally in a dry and airy place. Then, you can display them in a vase. Even better, you can be original and hang them with string like a garland for a beautiful bohemian vibe!  

Did our projects make you want to decorate your decor with plants? Not to worry! When it comes to this popular decor trend, the more plants there are, the better. Greenery can go absolutely everywhere! We’re sure leafy plants, dried flowers, and botanical pictures will win you over in every way.