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The Denim Jacket: How to Wear This Classic Piece for Men and Women

22 Jul 2019

Season after season, the jean jacket proves itself to be a key piece of clothing in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Whether it’s a classic Levi’s denim jacket, a black denim jacket, or an oversized denim jacket, it’ll stand the test of time without showing even the slightest wrinkle. And it looks even better the longer it’s been lived in!

Even though this jacket has become a timeless classic, we’re not always sure how we should wear it. Rediscover all aspects of the denim jacket with a few practical tips for women and men. 

Here's Some History About the Denim Jacket

The first denim jacket was made in 1905 by Levi Strauss, the founding father of Levi's. This jacket was actually a work shirt designed to be worn with a pair of work pants. Named the “506,” this style of denim jacket set the standard for all those that followed.

Following a simple and sleek design, it had one pocket on the chest and a strap in the back. Over the years, the original model went through changes and transformations but always stayed pretty faithful to Levi Strauss' original idea. 

Adopted by rebellious teens in the ’50s, loved by hippies in the ’60s, and ripped up by punks in the ’70s, the denim jacket has been continuously transformed and reinvented over the decades. Discover the numerous ways to wear it today by following our top tips.

How to Wear the Classic Jean Jacket

Denim jackets are great for democratizing dressier looks. Why not wear a dress shirt and sweater under your jacket?

The casual quality of denim is exactly what your outfit needs in order to be able to wear elegant dresses during the day without looking over the top. Also, don’t be scared to mix different materials and textures together. 

One of our favorite ways to style a denim jacket is with an ultra-feminine floral dress or a midi or maxi skirt paired with a solid top that accentuates your waist. 

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We particularly love the contrast of a blue denim jacket with black skinny jeans for a chic, yet relaxed urban look. Under the jacket, wear a bright white tee for a timeless, minimalist outfit that shows off  the color of your denim while honoring this piece's workwear origins at the same time. A striped T-shirt or one covered in a pattern is also a great option for a more sophisticated style.

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Add on a utility backpack to complete the look and you have your new style for the season. Why not wear this outfit on the first day of school

Guys, to make your look a little chicer, wear a dress shirt or a polo under your men's denim jacket or pair it with dress pants or chinos. The smart mix of casual and street pieces with ones that are more elegant is just the right recipe for a remarkable outfit.

Denim on Denim

Test out the famous Canadian tuxedo! To easily master a heat-to-toe look, choose denim in different shades: raw denim with one that’s faded, dark denim with white denim, etc. For those willing to be a bit more daring, try wearing the same shade of blue from top to toe. All eyes will be on you. 

The Black Denim Jacket: A Smart Style to Choose

Thanks to its dark hue and sleek aesthetic, the black jacket pairs as easily with casual outfits as it does chicer pieces. Slightly mysterious and very versatile, it can easily replace your favorite leather jacket. 

While it works with almost anything, we really love wearing it in an all-black ensemble so that it makes the most impact. This gives it an urban, rock ’n’ roll vibe that’s slick and sophisticated.
More daring dressers can wear a black denim jacket in a faded wash with distressing for a look that’s more grunge. 

Opt for an Oversized Denim Jacket

Play around with proportion and balance out the bulk of an extra-large jacket with a skinny jean and a crop top. We love contrasting the silhouettes of fitted pieces with large and structured jean jackets!

Ladies, get a great boyfriend look by pairing an oversized jacket with a tube top, mom jeans, and a belt bag for a style that's straight from the '90s.

Don't forget to roll up your sleeves: everything is in the details! This way, you'll be sure to show off the sweater you're wearing underneath the jacket or even the layers of jewelry you've stacked on. 

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Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket

When the temperature drops, opt for a sherpa-lined jean jacket that will keep you warm as well as on trend. It will add a casual and cozy touch to your look that's inspired by the open countryside.  

Printed and Embroidered Jackets

Like to be more adventurous with fashion? Test out reworked versions of a jean jacket, like ones that are sleeveless, patterned, or that come in different colors. Right now, all-over prints are really standing out. Animal, geometric, and even floral… choose the one for you!

You can also have fun personalizing your jacket with embroidery on the back, rivets, paint, or any other technique of your choice. Your clothing will become an extension of yourself and express your personality. 

You’ve now mastered the art of wearing the timeless jean jacket! Find yours, for her and for him