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Pack your suitcase with...

19 Jan 2017

Soon, you’ll be sinking your feet into the warm sand and feeling the gentle sea breeze caress your skin.
However, you still have one last step before this dream becomes a reality: packing your bags…
Say goodbye to the headache of planning ahead thanks to Simons’ travel guide, filled with practical tips and tricks so you can take off totally carefree and in style.


Spending a week someplace sunny?

You can never go wrong with sporty,
retro styles or tropical print trunks.
They're all the rage right now. 

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For style that’ll stun even the sun,
dare to wear mirrored lenses or cat eye frames.

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Beach towels in bright shades are all the rage,
like this punchy piece by KAS Australia.

Since space is limited, it’s best to plan out your outfits before leaving in order to avoid bringing things you won’t end up wearing. For those who dislike doing this, pick out pieces to mix & match.
Plan two or three tops for every bottom you bring, and consider including a number of neutral pieces so you have no trouble coordinating your outfits. 

Opt for light fabrics, like thin jersey or soft cotton poplin. They’ll take up less space in your luggage and will dry quickly if you end up having to wash them. Linen is also a favourite for travelling since it’s lightweight, breathable, and comfortable in warm weather.


For a turbulence-free flight, comfort is crucial.
Layer a cardigan or sweatshirt over a light top to easily adapt to any temperature changes in the cabin. In terms of bottoms, wear pants made of stretch fabric or ones with an elastic waistband.
Pick out a comfortable pair of shoes for (sometimes long) layovers at the airport and make sure to wear warm socks. This makes it easy to slip off your shoes during the flight.

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In order to maximise space and transport clothing without it wrinkling,
the best technique is to roll it.

And if you follow the steps below,
your suitcase will be as organized as it can be. 

To make use of all available space, you can also pack smaller items in your shoes.
Use your socks or your rolls of clothing to secure more delicate or fragile items, like jewellery. Socks also do a great job of maintaining the shape of shoes and bras. 

You and your luggage are now ready for boarding. 

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