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Make way for summer dresses!

17 June 2019

Summer is upon us and the warmer weather has us over the moon. What better way to soak it all in than by dressing up in feminine, airy, and casual summer dresses? Building up an endless collection of sundresses is one of our favorite summer indulgences. After all, there’s no such thing as too many dresses!


To brighten up our wardrobe, there's nothing quite like bright and vivid colors. Lemon yellow, citrus orange, cherry red, apple green… put on any color that catches your eye! If there was ever a season to test out new tones, it's definitely summer! For a hint of color that's a bit more on the subtle side, pick up pastels like blush pink and sky blue.

Another essential: the little white dress. As the summery sisters of classic little black dresses, white summer dresses stand out for their simplicity and femininity. They'll breathe a breath of fresh air into your collection. Whether they're a bit boho, romantic, or modern, you can accessorize them a million different ways. Why not work with contrasts and slip on neon sandals or snake-print boots?



When it comes to prints, you can try anything! No matter how you feel, there's the perfect pattern to suit your mood. If you're feeling a bit boho, pick out nomadic or folk-inspired patterns. Got romance on the brain? Fall for some floral and pastoral prints! If you're looking for something a bit more avant-garde, cover yourself in colorful geometric motifs. And finally, if you're daydreaming of travelling to beautiful faraway beaches, tropical motifs might just be the ticket! No matter what you choose, prints are always on point and will be cropping up on all dresses this summer.


Light and fresh fabrics are your best friends during the summer months! You'll love the breathability of natural fibers, like cotton and linen. In fact, linen remains the textile of choice for warm weather since it always keeps you feeling cool and fresh. Look no further than lyocell if you're on the hunt for a silky and soft fabric that wicks away moisture, drapes beautifully, and is also ultra comfy. Pay attention to what your summer outfits are made of so that you can be comfortable while always looking stylish!


Mini, midi, or maxi? That is the question! The good news is that each style has a raison d'être! On one hand, you love wearing short dresses to show off your spectacular legs and stellar shoes. On the other hand, midi dresses instantly makes you look more elegant and feminine. And finally, long dresses are absolutely divine in the summertime. You'll love them in fluid styles that strike a beautifully balance between being chic and casual. What could be better?

Don’t forget about undergarments!

  • Keep in mind that white dresses are far more elegant when what you’re wearing underneath doesn’t show. (Beige undergarments were made for a reason!)
  • To keep open-back, racerback, and thin-strap dresses looking chic and sharp, consider wearing bandeaus, adhesive bras, or bras with convertible straps.
  • Slips and laser-cut panties are also ideal to wear with fitted skirts and dresses.

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