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The Power of Prints

20 Apr 2018

Prints are powerful drivers of style and what’s in changes from season to season. The right print can transform a classic outfit into a real fashion statement. Every print tells a rich story of the cultures and trends that inspired it. This spring, the Simons editorial team is bringing you a selection of their favourite fabrics. Make way for gingham, stripes, floral, and camouflage! 


Last summer, gingham was literally everywhere. The geometric print was all over Instagram.
Gingham is basically a wide weave that looks like little squares. Dorothy wore a blue gingham dress
in the The Wizard of Oz and the print is still everywhere today
—and we’re not complaining!

Photo credit: Instagram: WWD

It works for lots of different items like high-waist shorts,
ruffled skirts, and off-the-shoulder blouses.

Photo credit: Stella McCartney

 It’s light and moves well, so click your heels and don some ruby red gingham
or combine it with a floral print for a trendy retro look! 

Stripes are timeless—they’ve been part of people’s day-to-day looks for hundreds of years.
Whether you go bold or traditional, there’s a stripe out there for everyone.

The world’s greatest designers like Coco Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier used stripes in their nautical-inspired collections. This season, we’re seeing the stripe in black and white and in totally reinvented sporty looks with avant-garde lawn green trim!

Photo credit: Jean Paul Gaultier

Floral prints have long been associated with femininity and ephemeral beauty, and they made a big comeback in the early 2000s. Flowers are versatile—they can range from romantic to psychedelic,
and are used in all kinds of tropical, bohemian, and pop art styles.

This isn’t your grandma’s floral upholstery (yeah, we went there).
We’ve completely reinvented this print. Look out for it in embroidery, stitching,
jacquard, and other botanical-inspired variations. 

Designer Alexander McQueen used floral prints to create a fantasy world in 2007
that deserved its own museum. Today, it’s Paul Smith’s turn to shine
with outfits featuring contrasting tropical prints. 

Photo credit: Alecxander McQueen

In ready-to-wear apparel,
Simon’s opted to work with renowned London brand Liberty Fabrics
to create elegant, sumptuous floral fabrics.

Long before it reached peak trendiness in the 2000s,
earth-toned camouflage was used by the military
to blend in with nature and thwart enemies.

But camo has since taken on a new role as a trend starter.
This season, we’re seeing it march by on the catwalk in the form
of oversized jackets and cargo pants. 

For a softer look, try using camo accessories as accent pieces.
If you’re feeling bold, go all in with a head-to-toe camouflage look.
Either way, leave the jeans in the drawer—it’s camo time! 

Photo credit: Zadig & Voltaire