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Trend Alert: Ankle Socks

16 May 2018

Flowers are blooming. The air is getting warmer. Soft, fluid fabrics, pastel hues, and floral patterns are about to invade your wardrobe. What better way to welcome Spring than by slipping on new, refreshing pieces? While most will think of colourful dresses and vaporous skirts, we will suggest something a bit more … subtle. To add a trendy twist to any outfit, simply pick out a gorgeous pair of ankle socks. Here are our top 4 ideas on how to style this must-have accessory.


Everyone loves sneakers. They are comfortable, stylish, and you can wear them with confidence anywhere, at any time. We recommend adding a feminine touch to your favourite athletic shoes with bright fishnet, sparkling material or lace. This simple detail is guaranteed to take your daily outfits from ordinary to incredibly trendy.



Are you going for a dressier look? Pick out a dress and high heels, and pair them up with chic statement socks. Sheer fabrics, lace, pastels or delicate patterns will add the perfect finishing touch for a stunning outfit.



If you want to look elegant, but are not into wearing pumps, it is not a problem. Simply trade them for classic derby or Oxford shoes. Your ankle socks will give them a fresh, modern edge.



Who says you can't wear socks with a fabulous pair of sandals? Certainly not us! This Spring, platforms and slides are all the rage. We recommend mixing them up with our favourite accessory of the season. However, remember that it is all about balance: the bolder your shoes are, the more subtle your socks should be, and vice versa.