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Why We Love the Sherpa Trend

24 Dec 2019

Have you heard of sherpa? Even if you don't recognize the word, we're certain that you've seen this trend. It's everywhere!  “Sherpa” is what the fashion world calls fleece, plush fabrics, and looped materials that recreate the look of sheep's wool. Soft, fluffy, and warm, sherpa combines style and comfort like nothing else.

Where does this trend come from?

The term originated from the people living in the Himalayan mountains of northeastern Nepal and also refers to the guides and porters of mountain expeditions in this region. Over the years, it became associated with outdoor clothing made of wool and faux-fleece.

Levi's was one of the first brands to introduce sherpa fleece into the fashion world. In the '90s, the label added faux-fleece linings and collars to their famous jean jackets. With '90s style making a major comeback once again, sherpa has become solidly entrenched in today's fashion trends (just like its close cousin from the same era: polar fleece). Now, we're seeing it everywhere in women's and men's fashion. It completely covers pieces, is used for linings, and gets added as an accent…  

Sherpa denim jacket

And the famous Levi's sherpa jacket that started it all? It's still extremely popular and has inspired tons of styles! Faux-fleece linings, sleeves, and collars instantly add personality to this classic piece of clothing. As with denim, all rugged materials work wonderfully with it, like corduroy and suede.

The sherpa jacket

The definition of a cozy piece of clothing? A super voluminous, textured coat that’s wonderfully warm. This describes the sherpa jacket perfectly! We love it in long and elegant styles, and those that are shorter and more casual. We also adore sherpa-lined toppers or ones with touches of fleece on the collar or in details. This effortlessly elevates every coat, jacket, or parka

Sherpa sports jacket

This fabric’s name came from the mountains and now it’s heading back to the slopes! Activewear can’t get enough of how warm, comfortable, and light sherpa is. Top brands like The North Face and Columbia have incorporated it into their collections this season. Sherpa tops can be worn on their own during moderate outdoor activities and après-ski, or they can be layered under a shell coat on super cold days. 

Sherpa shirt

Being a button-up style, the sherpa jacket can be worn as an overshirt, which has helped it dominate in terms of layering this season. You can count on it when you want to add a stylish layer to your look! Test it out over a hoodie, sweater, or turtleneck. Depending on the temperature, it can be worn as a piece of outerwear or as an interior option.

Sherpa sweater

The sherpa hoodie and sweater top our list of casual must-haves that are just as cozy as they are cool. Combine the trends and pick up a colour blocked faux-fleece top. Also discover our eco-friendly options made of recycled fibres in our exclusive collections for men and women

Sherpa accessories

Want to try out the trend but on a smaller scale? Add accessories. A cap, bag, pair of gloves, or a pair of mittens will make your winter look utterly original.

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